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持続可能な観光産業と農業により祖谷を再生するため、1999年、私たちはひとつの組織を立ちあげました。2005年には「The Chiiori Project」としてNPO法人(特定非営利活動法人) の登録をし、2007年、「篪庵トラスト」と名称を改め現在まで活動しています。









特定非営利活動法人 篪庵トラスト / (NPO) Chiiori Trust

2005年11月7日 / November 7th, 2005

Alex Kerr (理事長 /Chairman)
越島 啓介 Koshijima,Keisuke
尺田 可規 Shakuta,Yoshiki
井澤 一清 Izawa,Kazukiyo

松田 正允 Matsuda,Masamitsu (監事 /Auditor)

Tel: (0883) 88-5290
Fax: (0883) 88-5290
Email: info @ chiiori.org(スペースを消して下さい / Please fill up a space)

〒778-0206 徳島県三好市東祖谷釣井209番地

The Dream

Chiiori is more than a house. It's a group of people working for a long term aim: to preserve and pass on a healthy and beautiful countryside in Japan. Although we began in Iya Valley, and remain based here, this is the true “Dream of Chiiori.”

Since 1973, when Alex Kerr first purchased Chiiori, hundreds of people have come to Iya Valley, some as short-time visitors, others as volunteers, to experience nature and traditional village life.

In 1999, we got together and founded an association dedicated to reviving Iya with sustainable tourism, and organic agriculture. In 2005, we officially registered as a NPO (non-profit organization) with Tokushima Prefecture under the name "The Chiiori Project" (TCP). In 2007, we changed the name to Chiiori Trust.

Our mission is threefold, expanding outwards in concentric circles from Chiiori:

 ・Restoration of Chiiori
 ・Revitalization of Iya
 ・Spread Chiiori’s ideals in Japan

For details on our activities, our efforts, and how you can help, please see our Membership page.

NPO Chiiori Trust

Chiiori Trust, the foundation organized around Chiiori, is a Non-Profit Organization 特別非営利活動法人 registered with Tokushima Prefecture. The Director is Alex Kerr. NPO staff operate the house on a daily basis.

The challenges facing Iya Valley stem from depopulation, and unsuccessful government attempts to counter its effects. These problems are endemic to rural Japan, and in ourcommitment to protect Chiiori the Trust realizes that we have to address these larger problems too. The house cannot exist independent of the village, and the village is a part of the largerculture of Iya Valley.

Therefore, we welcome visitors to come to Chiiori. Only by being in this living space can we appreciate the importance of preserving it.

Chiiori Trust works closely with Miyoshi City (of which Iya is a part). We cooperate with their efforts to promote thoughtful preservation and development in Iya Valley From 2008~2010, the Trust helped manage Chiho no Genki Saisei Jigyo 地方の元気再生事業 (Rural Revitalization and Wellbeing Project), Miyoshi's program to revitalize Iya through sustainable tourism.

Chiiori Trust's activities expand in concentric circles: At the center is Chiiori, which has drawn us to Iya. The next ring is Iya and the town of Miyoshi. The outermost ring is rural areas all over Japan, whom we hope to influence with our activities.

We are involved in sustainable tourism, organic agriculture and reforestation in an effort to protect the unique way of life that developed out of Iya's isolated history.